Retail and Banking

Leveraging analytic metadata to provide insights into customer pattens and creating alerts for key metrics, increasing the ROI

Analytics is about extracting the metadata from the video. As well as providing security and loss prevention, our analytics produces metadata and provides valuable insights into what is really happening in a location. Key metrics like customer numbers, travel through the site, behaviour, dwell, queue data and much more. With no special cameras or sensors, a single server can provide security, loss prevention, business analytics and marketing insights. This can also be a distributed solution through our IPAi camera range, using onboard Ai-powered analytics. Helping to reduce the cost of ownership and design complexity by removing unneeded hardware costs

VCA in the Retail sector

In today’s retail environment, customer expectations are high. With a constant demand for the retailer to provide customers with a personalized shopping experience, understand the trending products and display the best value for money.

Understanding the customer’s behaviour while in a retail environment, whether it’s a shop, department store or shopping centre, allows retailers to focus their resources more effectively and spend more time with customers’ needs.

Through the combination of general CCTV views and special-use cameras, we can provide a rich stream of anonymous metadata showing how people, cars and other objects interact with the environment. Providing data to calculate some of the key performance indicators required to allow retailers to make decisions based on data. These range from footfall, storefront conversion, queue management, Gap scanning, dwell time and many more.

Security & Loss Prevention

Working alongside the world’s leading VMS, PSIM and Camera providers to provide cost efficient solutions.

Retail & Banking

Leveraging analytic metadata to provide insights into customer patterns and creating alerts for key metrics.


Our feature rich object classes enables VCA to be used in wide range of safe city and highway applications.

Forensic Search

Providing a means for post-event forensic searches using detailed analytic metadata on all objects being tracked.