Providing retail video security systems,
loss prevention and operational solutions

Leveraging analytic metadata to provide retail stores with security and loss prevention solutions, as well as insights into customer patterns to deliver a better and safer shopping experience. 

Creating a better, safer environment
with a retail video security solution

From single stores to department stores and shopping centres, we offer comprehensive retail security, loss prevention, marketing and operational solutions that create a safer shopping environment, reduce losses and meet your customers’ needs. 

Discover more about our retail solutions to enhance staff efficiency and customer experience. 

video content analytics - retail benefits - loss prevention

Manage Loss Prevention

The surge in self-checkouts and self-service solutions in retail stores have resulted in an increase in loss, making it harder to oversee retail loss prevention. With our cutting-edge retail security systems, we can provide information that shows when customers are abusing these services and give you the data and analytics to manage retail loss prevention. Using this same technology we can detect abnormal behaviour around shelves on high value items and give early warnings of potential thefts.

video content analytics - retail benefits - shop floor

Optimise the Shop Floor

In today’s circumstances, customer expectations are high and there is a demand for retailers to provide customers with a personalised shopping experience. Our analytics produces metadata and provides valuable insights into what’s happening in your physical store. From gathering key metrics like customer footfall, behaviour, queue times and more, our solutions help retailers to understand their customers and trending products to manage footfall, display the best value for money and provide a better shopping experience. All of this allows you to focus your resources more effectively and spend more time managing your customers’ needs. 

video content analytics - retail benefits - safety

Improve Safety

Through a combination of general CCTV views and special-use cameras, we can provide a rich stream of anonymous data that shows how people interact with retail stores. Our retail security solutions help manage and inform decisions to change the shop floor to avoid the likelihood of trips, slips and falls and objects being left in aisles. We can also alert staff to abusive behaviour, so that retailers can provide safer environments for customers and employees. 

Examples of AI solutions for the retail sector

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  • Customer analytics to understand patterns and retail trends 
  • Manage loss prevention 
  • Customer data, including footfall, queue data and heatmaps 
  • Detection for search and targets 
  • Security systems for health and safety purposes 
  • Sales data to understand and optimise logistics and retail settings. 

Why choose VCA Technology?

Simple integration

As UK developers with over 1.5 million channels installed across the world, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are simple to integrate with existing products. This results in less disruption to your current infrastructure. 

Increase in ROI

Our retail security systems promise to increase efficiency and effectiveness by using analytics and security systems to reduce shrinkage loss and increase customer service. 

Value for money

A lot of systems capture different types of data and information. At VCA Technology, we replace a number of existing redundant solutions with one software package and platform to provide value for money.

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