Providing a means for post event forensic searches using detailed analytic metadata on all objects being tracked.

VCA is constantly extracting the metadata from every camera connected, from every frame, every second, building up an extensive database of metadata about objects in the camera scenes. Our forensic search tool enables the search of all of this metadata to find a person, vehicle or object of interest. For example, search for all people wearing red tops and black trousers, carrying an orange bag between 10 am and 4 pm on this day and within seconds, the image will be returned.

The current system design is for video analytics to be programmed to produce events when a set of criteria is met, passing the event to the VMS/NVR which creates a bookmark or reacts in a predetermined manner. The issue with this configuration is that if the rule has not been defined, then the event is not produced and users are not able to retroactively search for objects matching a set description.

VCAforensics has been designed to work seamlessly with our video analytics, by storing all the metadata and taking snapshot images from our analytics engine. Our application provides a user interface to allow post-event forensic searches, helping to reduce time-draining investigations by allowing users to search hours, days and weeks of video footage for objects of interest. Select the timeframe, select the cameras and select the object (for example person, car) and the application will reduce thousands of hours of video into images where only the object you want appears.

Security & Loss Prevention

Working alongside the world’s leading VMS, PSIM and Camera providers to provide cost efficient solutions.

Retail & Banking

Leveraging analytic metadata to provide insights into customer pattens and creating alerts for key metrics.


Our feature rich object classes enables VCA to be used in wide range of safe city and highway applications.

Forensic Search

Providing a means for post-event forensic searches using detailed analytic metadata on all objects being tracked.