VCA Technology Products

Whether you are in the retail, security, traffic space or another industry, our advanced AI analytics and rules engine can be leveraged to provide the right solution for your needs.

Simple and cost-effective technology

At VCA Technology, our motto is to make it work, make it simple and cost-effective. As a result, our products have been designed to offer solutions, integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure and help you to achieve your goal.

Choose from our range of innovative video analytics products that enable you to understand consumer behaviour, improve security and provide a better customer experience.

Leading VCA technologies

Discover how our video analytics software can transform your organisation’s operations and improve your performance.


VCA Software

A future-proof addition to any security solution, our VCA Software can be easily implemented with your existing CCTV installations without the need for excessive hardware and installation costs. Take advantage of the real-time tracking of multiple objects without disrupting your current infrastructure and cameras.

AI Cameras

Discover our comprehensive line of AI cameras that provide a range of features and enable you to get the most out of your embedded video analytics, whether that’s detection, tracking, facial or vehicle recognition, or the data to inform queue management systems.


VCA Servers

Designed to support the security, traffic and retail sectors, the VCA Server range delivers cost-effective and reliable deep-learning analytics that enhance our trackers, rules and applications. These hardware platforms provide ample opportunity to identify, monitor and track individuals and objects, giving you the data to make business improvements.


The data aggregation and search tool extracts metadata from every connected camera, providing you with the information to find a person or object, within a matter of seconds.



Using our industry-leading analytics, RetailTrend generates and reports highly accurate data that’s provided by our advanced trackers, analytics and rules. We transform the data into a user-friendly format that suits your business.

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