VCA’s analytics are versatile in their potential applications, from high-security perimeter protection to traffic counting and retail intelligence, we have the capability to provide you with a solution.

Make it work, make it simple, make it affordable


VCAserver is available as both an OEM integration for VMS partners and as a stand-alone server for smaller installations, when a VMS is not required

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VCAbridge brings the power of VCA analytics and deep learning to applications ranging from physical security and retail to ITS (traffic) and business intelligence.

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With a wide range of advanced IP POE cameras integrated with VCAcore, we bring the power of video analytics and deep learning to the furthest reaches of your network

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Our cloud-based Verifier service reduces false alarms using VCA Technology’s deep learning (AI) classification models to assess images

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Ucountit, powered by VCAcore, is a dynamic cloud service focused on the retail and financial sectors.

Providing advanced analysis and reports on customer trends to help assist in business critical decision

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VCAsdk will give integrators access to VCAcore. VCAcore has been created by our in-house development team and can be deployed across multiple platforms to provide you with analytics anywhere

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