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VCA Technology combines artificial intelligence with video content analytics to provide powerful solutions that help businesses to change their behaviours, improve their security and make informed decisions.

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We provide a range of security and business intelligence solutions for a variety of sectors. Our flexible video content analytics offers invaluable data to protect and grow your business.
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Retail Analytics

Help protect your store and improve customer experience with our video content analytics. By leveraging meta data to provide insights into customer patterns, we help retailers to better understand customers’ behaviour, offer a personalised shopping experience, understand trends and make their store profitable.
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Loss Prevention

Improve efficiency and productivity with AI analytics. Our deep learning technology and AI analytics is used to reduce false alerts and call-outs, and enhance the performance and efficiency of CCTV systems, improve loss prevention and detect abnormal or violent behaviour.
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Organisations within the transport sector require live alerts for events and solutions that prevent accidents and keep everyone safe. We provide leading-edge video content analytics solutions that can be used in a wide range of safe city and highway applications, to optimise resources and be prepared for all situations.
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Forensic Search

Security companies need cutting-edge technology to understand patterns of criminal activity and improve productivity in the operations department. We provide a means for post-event forensic searching by using detailed frame by frame meta data to find a person, vehicle or object of interest.
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Why choose VCA Technology

Our UK-based company has been one of the pioneers in the use of Video Analytics since our formation in 2009 with these simple goals.

• We deliver reliable AI-based video content analytics that can do what it’s designed to do.

• Our easy-to-use setup tools will get you up and running, fast.

• We strive to be cost-effective, with the cost of software, hardware, deployment and ongoing support included. 

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See how our customers have gained a deeper understanding of their operations and improved productivity with easy-to-use video content analytics and business intelligence solutions. 


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