Loss Prevention

Security Systems and Loss Prevention Solutions

Delivering cost-effective and intelligent solutions to the security sector.

Supporting the security and loss prevention sector 

VCA Technology work alongside the world’s leading security providers across the sector to provide application software and hardware platforms that improve security and prevention measures and keep commercial and industrial sites safe. 

Learn more about how our security systems and combination of AI analytics, rules and events can transform your data loss prevention and benefit your operations. 

Loss Prevention

Providing Resource Solutions

Requirements for security systems within a commercial or industrial site can be quite varied and complex, as can the nature of protecting sensitive data. While these sites may be staffed 24/7 or can only be operational for nine to 10 hours a day, they can require additional resource to ensure the site is safe and that business-critical data is secure outside of hours. Our custom rules and templates make it very simple and easy to incorporate with in-house systems to improve security when resources aren’t available. 

Loss Prevention

Minimising Security Concerns

There are many sites, such as solar farms, oils and gas wells, telecom towers and utility stations, that are remote and often unmanned. These require proactive monitoring to ensure they’re safe, secure and maintained. Our AI analytics software enables tracking and access control for service and maintenance personnel, provides highly accurate alarm detection to minimise the risk of theft and vandalism, as well as encroaching wildlife and other environmental conditions that may disrupt operations on remote sites. 

Our security cameras and AI rules and events can be implemented to support retailers with retail asset protection too. 

Loss Prevention

Improving Operations

Our deep learning technology can be leveraged towards reducing false alerts and call-outs by eliminating the effect of environmental factors and identifying and tracking valid objects. With a combination of rules and motion sensors, you can filter object movement so only valid events trigger an alert, helping to reduce costs and improve operations and data loss prevention. 

Examples of our security systems and data loss prevention solutions

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  • Face detection 
  • Perimeter protection 
  • Intruder detection 
  • Monitor traffic events 
  • Loss prevention 
  • Fast search across a network of cameras to detect and track individuals of interest  

Why choose VCA Technology?

There are a number of reasons why leading camera providers and organisations choose our security systems and loss prevention solutions to prevent loss and keep their sites safe. 

Simple integration

Our security systems and loss prevention solutions have been designed to integrate seamlessly with existing video systems, without causing disruption to your current infrastructure. 

Leading in innovation

We pride ourselves on constantly adding new AI features to our software that allow customers to gain better control of their security systems and sensitive data. 

National presence with international support

Our security and data loss prevention solutions are UK developed and provide support with over 1.5 million channels installed worldwide. 

Contact us to find out more about the benefits of our solutions and how we can help solve your security problems. 

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