Browser based business reported service using video analytic metata from VCAserver and IPAi cameras.

RetailTrend uses VCA’s industry-leading analytics to generate and report highly accurate data on visitor statistics and demographics across Day/Week/Month, by Day/Hour on the inbuilt dashboards. Reports are built on the data provided by our advanced trackers, detecting and tracking people and interactions in real-time, not by sampling, making outputs accurate and reliable.

As with any good reporting tool, a comprehensive dashboard solution is provided for data visualisation as well as extensive data export and integration options to help provide data in a format that suits your business.

As retail becomes a more data-driven business, cost-effective and reliable methods to gather and collate that data becomes a more relevant issue. 

Retail data collection methods currently require the installation of custom hardware just for the monitoring of people which had little to no overlap with other areas of the business, like security.

Making use of that collected data is just as challenging; reports need to be quick to understand and provide insights that a business can make actionable changes on.

Using data produced by our industry-leading tracking engines, RetailTrend can take advantage of already installed camera hardware and in some cases reuse analytics data produced for other applications like health and safety or security with little to no additional hardware requirements.

By tracking the location of each person as they interact with the store, trend data can start to be defined over time. This data allows users to intuitively understand the flow of visitors from store entrances to all areas of a given location, providing insight into optimized store layouts and increasing product placement performance whilst avoiding blind spots. 

Key metrics, such as draw rate, promotion performance and customer dwell time can also be produced and compared by hour/day/month/year and even compared with other stores in the dashboard.

Security & Loss Prevention

Working alongside the world’s leading VMS, PSIM and Camera providers to provide cost efficient solutions.

Retail & Banking

Leveraging analytic metadata to provide insights into customer pattens and creating alerts for key metrics.


Our feature rich object classes enables VCA to be used in wide range of safe city and highway applications.

Forensic Search

Providing a means for post-event forensic searches using detailed analytic metadata on all objects being tracked.