Number Plate Recognition

Number Plate Recognition

Providing alternative solutions for vehicle identification and management.

What is number plate recognition?

Using VCA analytics, our number plate recognition cameras automatically scan licence plate numbers and characters, so you can recognise vehicles and streamline your operations to manage traffic flow, vehicle counting, speed or prohibited areas better.

Whether it’s detecting traffic violations, optimising security in carparks, providing solutions for access control or monitoring speed analysis, our number plate recognition solution can be applied to a range of sectors.

Learn more about how number plate recognition can help improve your security and make sure your operations run smoothly.

Benefits of using VCA’s analytics to provide number plate recognition

Number Plate Recognition

Insightful searches

Using our number plate recognition solution provides you with a range of data to make informed business decisions. We use a VCA analytics rule that creates forensic, post event searches, which means you can search by vehicle colour, classification and license plate, as well as monitor time and speed that can help with analysing traffic and vehicle counting data.

Integrated solutions

Our number plate recognition cameras and software work hard to give you the data and information you need quickly. ANPR and MMCR (Make Model Colour Recognition) are embedded within the camera itself rather than a standalone server, which identifies vehicles and returns searches by number plate, vehicle colour, classification and more specific information, quickly, accurately and with minimal effort. The MMCR also gives you the opportunity to download reports, send events or search the on-board database without the need for back-end management software or servers.

Number Plate Recognition

Number Plate Recognition

Improved efficiency

Identifying and recording traffic violations in town centres and urban environments can be time-consuming. Our number plate recognition solution improves efficiency and productivity. We remove the manual labour that comes with documenting infringements and offences by automating processes instead.

Examples of number plate recognition:

  • Parking surveillance
  • Managing traffic flow and contraventions 
  • Speed analysis 
  • Provide access control 
  • Automate processes 
  • Avoid fraudulent substitution of vehicles. 

Why choose VCA Technology?

Reduce resources

We help minimise your overheads by using video analytics to improve your security. Our cost-effective solutions enable you to automate processes and rely on cutting-edge technology to provide a service, so you can reduce the amount of resource needed on the ground.

Flexible solutions

VCA’s highly accurate video analytics solutions can be integrated with a range of camera types and models. Whether it’s new cameras or existing systems, VCA Technology’s solutions are designed to enhance your current infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Cost-effective MMCR

Not only are our solutions efficient, but they are cost effective too. As the MMCR is integrated with the camera, the solution doesn’t requite a standalone server or additional software.

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