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Providing Video Analytics in
Banking & Finance 

The security threats to the banking sector are rife and you must be equipped with the right tools and knowledge to protect your staff, customers, and assets. At VCA Technology, we provide video analytics to help prevent crime and assure customers of their safety while enhancing their experience. 

Levelling up your security management

Our comprehensive video analytics solutions produce metadata to provide valuable insights into what’s really happening in a location and give you control over every entry point within your bank branches. 

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Improve Staff Utilisation

Our video analytics software enables you to learn more about where you lack resource, so you can provide a better experience for your customers. We give you the data to understand footfall, queuing and customer behaviour, so you can use this information productively to organise resource and staff utilisation.  


Protect Staff and Customers

Making sure your staff and customers are safe is compulsory in any consumer environment. However, security measures in banking institutions need to be taken seriously, especially as the risks of robbery and fraud are a lot of higher. We combine our hardware and video analytics to collect information so you can better protect your customers in circumstances where they are using ATMs and accessing their money. By combining general CCTV views and special-use cameras, we provide a rich stream of data, so you can quickly detect potential incidents, identify individuals and any criminal activity taken place. 


Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Banks are constantly striving to improve business efficiency and customer experience to generate brand loyalty and retention. Our industry-leading video analytics generate and report highly accurate data on customer use and patterns, so you can understand what parameters to put in place to help branches to be more efficient and deliver better customer service. For example, our video analytics provides data to improve queue management and reduce wait times for customers. 

Examples of video analytics in banking and finance

Watch our video to learn more about our video analytics for the banking and finance sector.

  • Queue counting 
  • Passing traffic 
  • Direction flow 
  • Dwell time 
  • Perimeter protection 
  • Occupancy control 
  •  Aggressive behaviour and hands up detection 
  • ATM analytics and protection. 

Why choose VCA Technology?

Increase efficiency

Our video analytics package increases efficiency and bank management as we give you the data and information to identify fraudulent risks and spot criminal activities before they happen. 

Simple integration

As UK developers with 1.5 million channels across the world, our solutions are designed to simply integrate with your existing products without disrupting your current infrastructure.  

Cost-effective solution

Instead of relying on several security management solutions, we provide one software and video analytics package to centralise your security personnel, improve security and enhance customer experience in the banking industry. 

Want to know more?

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