People Footfall Counting

Footfall and People Counter

Providing valuable people counting metrics that enable you to deliver a better customer experience. 

What is a footfall and people counter?

Whether you’re in retail, transport or the banking sector, an AI people counter can be integrated with your security system to provide valuable insights into customer behaviour. At VCA Technology, our video analytics produces metadata to measure foot traffic, so you can understand your customers interactions and movements, and manage footfall effectively to enhance your customer experience.

Learn more about how our people and footfall counting solution can help streamline your resources, optimise your floor and improve your business’ performance.

Benefits of People Counting Technology

People Footfall Counting

Real-time Data

Combined with our video analytics, our people counter is designed to give you real-time data and insights into the number of people that enter, pass and exit your building or room. This information can give you a better understanding of when is the busiest day or busiest hour of your store or restaurant, for example, how many customers make a purchase or use your services and how long did they spend with you, etc., so you can make informed decisions about resource, security, products and more.

People Footfall Counting

Understand Marketing Performance

Our metadata gives you insight into the way your customers behave in your environment as a result of your marketing activities. The data enables you to measure the activity and effectiveness of your marketing as you understand how customers engage with marketing materials, points of sales and how your marketing influences their decisions.

People Footfall Counting

Optimise Operations

Our people counter gives you visibility of where there is traffic and room for concern. We give you the data to measure where people are in your environment, if there’s sufficient resource available to support them or reduce the risk of theft, so you can optimise your space and people effectively.

Examples of footfall and people counting

  • Metrics for how many people enter and exit your site
  • Track where they are in your environment
  • Identify where customers and staff need additional support.

Why choose VCA Technology?

Increase conversion rates

By giving you the insights into customer behaviour and footfall, we give you the opportunity to optimise your environment and resources effectively so you can drive growth and revenue.

Simple integration

With over 1.5 million channels installed across the world, we ensure our solutions can be easily integrated with your existing products so we don’t disrupt your current infrastructure.

Streamline your operations

We help to streamline your security operations and reduce resources with reliable AI solutions that effectively protect your business. 

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