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VCA Technology – Delivering Video Analytics Solutions

We are dedicated to providing world-leading AI video analytics solutions that improve security and deliver a better customer service. 

Make it work, make it simple, make it cost-effective

At VCA Technology, our aim is simple – we make it work, make it simple and make it cost-effective. Our AI video analytics and cameras are designed to offer you one solution that simply integrates with your current security infrastructure and gives you the results you need to streamline your operations and improve business performance.  

Delivering solutions worldwide

We are the early pioneers in video analytics and are renowned for our AI video analytics software and cameras that are used for security and retail applications across the world.  

As a UK-based company with offices in Seoul, Bangkok, Turkey, and Thailand, with cameras made in Vietnam, we enable businesses and their industries to increase their performance and enhance customer experience.  

Combining our comprehensive video analytics with cutting-edge rules engine, we give our customers the tools and insights to understand their customers’ behaviour and make better decisions about their security and business operations. 

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Discover solutions for your industry

With over 1.5 million channels installed and thousands of sites benefitting from our technology worldwide, our advanced video analytics are leveraged to deliver industry solutions for a range of sectors. Each of our solutions are tailored to your business needs, whether that’s ensuring data security, protecting staff and customers or improving service delivery. 

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Building on our success

Our partner relationships enable us to deliver leading-class AI video analytics solutions for your business. We work with our partners to get invaluable feedback that helps us improve our analytics and provide the best service for you.

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