Video Analytics for Traffic & Transport Monitoring

Delivering powerful video analytics and vehicle tracking solutions to the traffic and transport sector with real-time vehicle detection and tracking.

Improving safety and delivering a better service

At VCA Technology, we help traffic authorities and transport companies to manage operations, protect people and deliver a better service across motorways, highways, public transport, city centres and high-traffic areas.

Discover our wide range of video analytics software, cameras, reporting and forensic search tools for the transport industry.

video content analytics - transport benefits - safety

Improving Safety – traffic incident detection and more.

‘Smart’ motorways have resulted in significant investment in systems designed to prevent accidents, particularly on motorways with no hard shoulder. Our video analytics system and forensic search tools can be integrated with new or existing cameras to provide a reliable oversight of video data and awareness of issues. We can put rules in place to give alerts in an area that’s complex and create bespoke solutions in challenging environments, so that you can deliver a faster response, improve passenger safety and prevent accidents from happening.

video content analytics - transport benefits - optimise resources

Optimising Resources

Through our range of deep learning and video analytics software, our functions enable traffic professionals to manage their operations, especially when there is a lack of resource available. Our analytics tool allow for fast identification of people and objects, as well as detecting moving vehicle offence, so that you’re alerted to issues as soon as possible and are able to manage resource and operational efficiency. The forensic search tool enables a rapid post event search of the complete network to trace a specific vehicles journey, in seconds!

video content analytics - transport benefits - customer experience

Providing a Better Customer Experience

Our video analytics for the transport industry enables companies to deliver a better customer experience. By leveraging video analytics to gain better insight into congestion control and car parks, our analytics and reporting solutions offer video data when it’s needed to oversee car park availability, predict peak traffic hours and improve customer satisfaction.

Examples of solutions for the transport sector

Watch our short video to find out more about our solutions and video analytics.

  • Basic video security technology
  • Vehicle and pedestrian reports for advertising hoarding placement
  • Incident investigation using forensic search
  • Car park management
  • Smart motorway management
  • Predict peak traffic hours
  • Moving vehicle offences
  • Allowed and disallowed vehicle entry
  • Fast forensic search for specific vehicles

Why choose VCA Technology?

Seamless integration

Our solutions are designed for simple integration with existing video systems, meaning less disruption to your current infrastructure.


We’re constantly innovating to bring new AI features and video analytics for transport companies to better control their security system and provide a better service.


By combining rules and events, our cost-effective solutions maximise camera performance to provide excellent return on investment.

Tailored solutions

As a UK developer, we create bespoke video analytics systems and solutions for you that are tailored to your needs and promise to overcome your challenges.

Want to know more?

For more information about our video analytics for transport and traffic companies, then get in touch with our team. We can help provide a solution to improve safety, optimise resources and provide a better customer experience on public transport.

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