Comprehensive line of cameras

The VCA AI camera range delivers a comprehensive line of cameras from 5MP up to 12MP that come in bullet, dome, minidome, pinhole, panoramic, and multi-sensor formats.

NX Embedded

Providing a complete camera-VMS solution at the edge. It brings all the advanced features of the Nx Witness server to the camera, allowing you to realise completely distributed solution, a server free VMS.

ANPR & Vehicle Recognition

Available across the IPAi range, the plugin can turn your camera into a license plate detector with the added optional feature of make, model and colour recognition.

AI tracking
featuring VCA

The VCA edge plugin allows AI analytics and events to be produced on the camera, removing the need for server hardware using three deep learning engines to provide excellent results.

Face Recognition

Turning the camera into a FACE detector, this plugin can create an event when a face is detected and forward the metadata as part of an integrated solution or can be used as a standalone facial recognition system.

5 MP Options

5MP Compact IR Dome

5MP Mini IR Dome

5MP Mini IR Bullet

5MP IR Bullet

5MP Telephoto IR Bullet

5MP LPR IR Bullet

5MP IR Fisheye

5MP Flashlight Full Color Turret

5MP Flashlight IR Turret

8/12 MP

8MP Mini IR Dome

8MP IR Bullet

12MP IR Fisheye

8MP 180° view IR Bullet

Multi Sensor

8MP Mini IR Dome

8MP IR Bullet

Security & Loss Prevention

Working alongside the world’s leading VMS, PSIM and Camera providers to provide cost efficient solutions.

Retail & Banking

Leveraging analytic metadata to provide insights into customer patterns and creating alerts for key metrics.


Our feature rich object classes enables VCA to be used in wide range of safe city and highway applications.

Forensic Search

Providing a means for post-event forensic searches using detailed analytic metadata on all objects being tracked.