Video Analytics

AI Video Analytics

Video analytics gives you the confidence to optimise your security management and deliver better customer service. By leveraging video analytics with metadata, you can collect data to improve security, staffing and customer requirements.  

Real-time AI video analytics processing

Video analytics is a cost-effective solution that enables you to step up your security, enhancing your critical infrastructure to protect your assets and customers.  

Our comprehensive video analytics software provides deep learning, real-time tracking and data to improve security, increase efficiency and enhance customer experience. 

The power of machine learning and intelligent video analytics software

Video analytics transforms your security infrastructure. It’s not always possible to have a security guard to manage security systems and monitor cameras 24/7.  

Whether you lack resource or time, artificial-intelligence-based video analytics is a cost-effective solution that gives you a complete 360 of your security management systems, enabling you to monitor locations and track objects around the clock.   Video analytics also gives you insights to help improve your security, staff and customers. Use insightful data to reduce or remove work, map out where staff is needed, tighten your security and understand customer behaviour, so you can provide a better experience. 

How does video analytics work?

At VCA Technology, our video analytics platform is used to enrich video surveillance systems and provide you with the data to make better business decisions. Our AI applications are configured with video security cameras to trigger alerts for specific events as they happen in real time, providing businesses with the intelligence to help improve their security, manage loss prevention and enhance safety.

Key features of AI-based intelligent video analytics

Our leading AI video analytics and rules engine can be leveraged to provide the right and unique solution for your needs. The quality of the metadata produced by video analytics informs and improves decision making when it comes to security management and protecting staff and customers. 

Discover how our intelligent AI video analytics supports your business and customers.  

video content analytics - vehicle and facial recognition - AI cameras

Facial Recognition

Use video analytics to identify known and unknown individuals and vehicles. Through AI video analytics and our comprehensive line of video surveillance cameras, we turn cameras into detectors that can recognise licence plates and faces. 

video content analytics - behaviour detection - VCAserver

Behaviour Detection

As a future-proof addition to your security solution, our deep machine-learning analytics software provides object detection. Our AI video analytics platform delivers highly-optimised tracking algorithms to track and identify objects and suspicious behaviour 24/7, resulting in a reduction of false alarms and staff workload.

video content analytics - queue management - RetailTrend

Queue Management and Counting

Our analytics generate and report accurate data on customer statistics in real time, like dwell time and performance, so you can optimise your environments and staff effectively.

video content analytics - forensic search benefits - detail

Forensic Search

Our data aggregation and search tool constantly extract metadata from connected cameras to quickly find a person, vehicle or object of interest and return an image or video footage within seconds.

More about video analytics for your business

How is artificial intelligence used in analytics?

AI technology is used in video analytics to detect events, objects or individuals in real-time. Using machine-learning, we’re able to identify suspicious behaviour and objects of interest as soon as they happen and alert you, so you can act quickly and put measures in place to protect your business.

AI is also used as a video analytics solution to provide valuable insights and analysis into your business and operations. Our AI video analytics can give you the data on queue times, business performance, customer statistics and behavioural patterns, so you can understand your customers and enhance your services.

Integrating AI video analytics with your existing systems

What makes our solutions unique is that our AI video analytics platform can be integrated with your existing infrastructure to enhance your surveillance performance. With no server required, our video analytics works with a range of camera types and models, helping to minimise costs and cause as little disruption to your current video management system as possible.

Using video analytics to support your business

If you have any questions about our industry solutions or want to know more about how our advanced AI video analytics platform can support your business, get in touch to speak to our team. We can help you find a solution that meets your needs and integrates seamlessly with your business to give you better security and insights.

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