Elevating your airport traffic management

At VCA Technology, we provide sophisticated solutions that improve airport security systems, manage air traffic effectively and prevent accidents from happening.

Our video analytics is used in various scenarios to help minimise false alarms, ease airport traffic and reduce the risk of accidents on the runway. Combining ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and MMCR (Make, Model, Colour, Recognition), our video analytics can provide analysis aimed at improving your airport’s traffic flow, performance and security.

Learn more about our solutions for improving airport security systems and managing air-side ground traffic.


General security

Our video analytics solution for the aviation sector has proven to be a safety measure that could potentially save lives. Using our AI platform, we can ensure that sensitive areas and the perimeter can be protected from potential intruders while not being affected by wildlife or weather conditions.


Apron traffic control management

We can improve airport traffic management. Using a combination of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), AI tools and speed analysis, you can control and manage land traffic around the airfield.


Passenger management and protection

Making sure staff and passengers are safe at the airport helps reduce the risk of accidents from happening. Queue management, flow and heatmap analysis, left/abandoned bag detection, forensic search, aggressive behaviour detection fall detection and face recognition control are all used to protect the people, the airport and improve efficiency.

Examples of using VCA in the aviation sector

  • Managing entry and exit control
  • Identifying parking violations
  • People counting for control
  • Reporting and queue management
  • Perimeter protection.

Why choose VCA Technology?

Cost-effective solution

VCA Technology’s solutions are designed to be cost-effective. Our video analytics can be integrated with new or existing camera systems, meaning less disruption to your current infrastructure.

Accurate data

Our cutting-edge, thermal imaging technology provides accurate and reliable data. VCA’s video analytics have been configured to minimises false alarms and enables airport security systems to work effectively 24/7, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Improve security systems

As one of the leading developers of video analytics, or solutions give you the data and information to identify risks, streamline security systems and prevent accidents from occurring.

Improve your security systems today

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