Queue Management

VCA Queue Management System

Maximise efficiency and minimise wait times with an effective queue management system.

Providing real-time queue monitoring

Long customer queues can affect your business’ bottom line, especially if it’s a continuous problem that’s never resolved and one you may not even be aware of. Whether you are part of the retail or banking sector, harness the power of our queue management system.

Our queue management system provides real-time monitoring, allowing you to instantly view and analyse queue data. As people enter the queuing area, they are tracked and a counter starts, so you can see how many people are in the queue and how many people queued at a particular time, when people leave the queue and how long they queue, providing real-time alerts of queue lengths and if times exceed a set threshold. This information is then used to feed reports and show queue metrics.

Learn more about how our queue management system helps improve your efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

The benefits of using a queue management system

Queue Management

Optimise staffing

With access to real-time queue monitoring, you can instantly view and analyse queue data. This information enables you to identify bottlenecks and identify where resource is needed.

Queue Management

Increase profitability

By using the data to resolve staffing issues and to reduce wait times, the queue management software allows you to serve more customers and as a result, increase your revenue.

Queue Management

Boost customer satisfaction

The queue management system enables you to monitor queues, looking at how many people are in the queue and how to reduce wait times, leading to happier customers.

Queue Management

Data-driven insights

Our queue management software generates detailed reports to inform your decision-making. This means that you can use the data to make better decisions about your staff, resource, security and customer service.

Examples of queue management system software

  • Real-time monitoring: send alerts/ staff notifications when queue lengths or time exceed the normal threshold
  • Improve profitability; reduce customer waiting times and eliminate walkaways by proactive management of the checkout areas or self-service terminals
  • Analytics and reporting : Use real world data to improve staff training, reduce pinch points, optimise staff usage and maximise customer throughout

Why choose VCA Technology?

Simple integration

All of VCA’s video analytics software is designed to enhance and integrate seamlessly with your existing security and surveillance systems. The queue management software is compatible with most leading camera brands, which means it can be installed without disrupting your current infrastructure.

Predictive analytics

Analytics is available as part of the queue management software, so you can analyse the data and look at the trends to make data-driven decision making. This data enables you to measure and improve queue efficiency over time, as well as anticipate peak hours and allocate staff accordingly.

Meet your objectives

Our video analytics solutions are designed to meet your objectives. Whether it’s enhancing your security or streamlining your operations, our queue management software enables you to optimise your resource and environment to deliver a better customer experience.

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