Revolutionising Surveillance: VCA Unveils ‘Search & Track’ Feature For Enhanced Security Operations

VCA Technology, a leading innovator in video analytics, proudly announces the launch of its latest forensic software feature, ‘Search & Track’. Designed to elevate security operations to unprecedented levels, this cutting-edge technology introduces a new era of precision in video surveillance. 

Smart, Swift & Effective People Tracking 

In response to the evolving landscape of security needs, ‘Search & Track’ emerges as a sophisticated video surveillance analytics tool, offering smart and cost-effective people search and tracking in an intuitive four-step process.  

Users can now initiate searches, refine criteria with specific clothing characteristics or uploaded images, locate and review targets, and trace an individual’s movements across multiple cameras, in chronological order with ease using existing cameras and an inexpensive single server.  

“With ‘Search & Track,’ we’re not just providing a tool; we’re empowering security professionals with an intelligent and precise solution that will redefine how they approach video surveillance and investigations using their existing CCTV infrastructure.” 

Kevin Waterhouse, MD – VCA Technology 

‘Search & Track’ Specific Individuals In 4 Easy Steps  

Step 1: Initiate your search 

Begin your person tracking journey by choosing the desired date, time, and camera channels. 

Step 2: Precision refinement 

Enhance your search accuracy by specifying clothing characteristics, searching by event, or simply uploading a reference image. 

Step 3: Target location and review 

Once your person of interest is located, explore surveillance footage from all cameras within a chosen time period in seconds. 

Step 4: Trace activity in chronological flow 

Follow the chronological order of videos to trace the movements of the target individual. You can then redact, export, or action the files. 

Empowered By State-Of-The-Art AI And Scalable Analytics 

VCA’s ‘Search & Track’ is underpinned by analytic solutions powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms and deep learning models. The scalability of our solutions allows for deployment on a variety of hardware platforms, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to diverse security infrastructures. 

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