Warehouse video security solutions for loss prevention

Secure your warehouse with cutting-edge video security solutions and systems.

Enhancing your warehouse security

As the demand for efficient and reliable warehouse management grows, so does the need for robust security measures. Our warehouse video security solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by warehouse operators.

Learn more about our security solutions for managing loss prevention and ensuring the safety of assets, individuals and operations.


Accurate results

Our comprehensive video security solutions enable you to reduce the risk of theft and criminal activity at your warehouse. With a combination of video analytics and AI algorithms, you can set up perimeters and receive alerts when unauthorised access is detected. Our video security systems can also identify and track objects of interest, ensuring a proactive response to security response to protect your inventory.


Provide access control

Our facial recognition software enables you to mitigate the risk of theft and unauthorised access into the warehouse. We use sophisticated algorithms to process metadata and provide access upon person identification, helping to prevent theft and manage loss prevention efficiently.


Optimise warehouse operations

By optimising warehouse operations effectively, you can manage inventory and minimise the financial impact shrinkage has on your business. Our deep-learning video analytics provide data and insights to understand your warehouse logistics and make improvements to enhance your security so that your people and inventory are safe.

Examples of security solutions in warehouses

  • QR reading and tracking
  • Access control
  • Face recognition
  • PPE detection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Object detection
  • Accident prevention

Why choose VCA Technology?

Simple integration

Our warehouse security systems and solutions have been designed to cause minimal disruption to your current infrastructure. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your current setup and security camera providers to provide a holistic view of your warehouse operations.

UK developed and support

VCA Technology are UK developers with 1.5 million channels across the world, which means you have access to support 24/7 with your security system whenever you need it.

Increase efficiency

Our warehouse video security solutions increase your team’s efficiency, as we give you the insights to identify fraudulent risks and suspicious behaviour before anything happens.

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