Retail Loss Prevention

Boost retail loss prevention with cutting-edge AI video solutions 

Don’t wait until the next theft or incident to happen. With retail crime on the rise, it’s time to make sure you have the measures in place to minimise the risk on your business. VCA’s video analytics provides a single software solution for analysing real-time behaviour and giving you the data to make informed business decisions that will improve your business, security and customer experience.

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Retail Loss Prevention

A cost-effective solution for managing retail loss prevention

Retail Loss Prevention

VCA’s AI video analytics solutions enables you to take control of rising retail crime. By analysing real-time surveillance footage and providing you with data-driven insights, our video analytics solutions are designed to:

  • Prevent aggressive behaviour
  • Stop self-service checkout abuse
  • Identify suspicious behaviour
  • Gain insight into your customers

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Retail Loss Prevention

Easy to integrate

The single software solution is simple to integrate with your existing products and infrastructure, reducing the need for multiple security systems.

Retail Loss Prevention

Reduce overheads

Our in-depth forensic search tools help streamline operations and reduce manual resource.

Retail Loss Prevention

Increase ROI

Using analytics and security systems to reduce shrinkage loss and enhance customer service.

See how VCA’s video analytics can improve your loss prevention

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