IPAi Cameras

Extensive, intelligent cameras with STARVIS image sensor technology, H.265 encoding, Horizontal FOV up to 180°, internal storage and with a range of plugins and Ai analytics

Our IPAi camera range delivers a comprehensive lineup of AI cameras in 2M, 5M, 4K and 12M formats in bullet, dome, minidome, pinhole, turret, panoramic and multi-sensor configurations. In addition to the Ai analytics, which comes as standard, the range also offers a number of application plugins, providing a complete solution for any application.

The needs of a CCTV camera solution have extended well past the original security monitoring use cases, and modern cameras must deliver high image quality and reliability as well as provide a platform that meets the needs of both security as well as ROI-driven applications like business intelligence.

Our IPAi range uses an application plug-in architecture allowing for a range of software solutions to be deployed on the camera to suit your application. These tie into a universal event notification and alerting solution allowing for consistent integration options across applications.

For example, the VCAedge plugin provides VCA Technology’s industry-leading AI algorithms for the detection of objects, vehicles and people. Additional plugins are also available for vehicle make, model, colour and license plate recognition as well as face detection and demographics software.

All VCA cameras are manufactured in Vietnam and are NDAA, CE and FCC compliant

Our Camera Technology

Our cameras are designed to adapt to your needs and support a number of different plugins that can increase your ROI and provide solutions to your needs.

Plugins include…


Available across the IPAi range, the plugin can turn your camera into a license plate detector. Used as part of an integrated solution or standalone for access control.

Nx on Camera

Providing a complete camera-VMS solution, at the edge. It brings all the advanced features of the Nx Witness server to the camera, allowing you to realise a completely distributed solution.

Ai Analytics

Bringing the advanced tracking features of VCAserver to the camera. The VCAedge plugin allows analytics and events to be produced on the camera, removing the need for server hardware.

Face Detection

Turning the camera into a FACE detector, this plugin can create an event when a face is detected and forward the metadata as part of an integrated solution.

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