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Providing cutting-edge security systems and solutions to protect products and services.

Powerful, flexible and reliable

With millions of channels installed worldwide, VCA supports a range of sectors by providing high-quality software solutions and hardware platforms that enhance security systems and safeguard people and sites.

Learn more about how our security solutions combined with our AI-based analytics, rules and events can improve your security systems and team’s productivity.

VCA Technology - Security

Accurate results

Using a wide range of events and actions, our AI security solutions give you accurate detection and data in cases where you need more information about an incident. Our Deep Learning technology allows many object and person rules to be applied, so you can detect and retrieve footage fast and ensure more accurate results.


Fast identification

Security teams need to act fast when it comes to spotting suspicious behaviour. They need the tools to be proactive and reduce the risk of theft or harm to others as soon as possible. Our Appearance Search through the Forensic Search Tool enables fast identification of people and objects, so you can identify the risk quickly and act accordingly.


Optimised resource solutions

Requirements for security systems within a commercial or industrial site can be quite varied and complex, as can the nature of protecting sensitive data. While these sites may be staffed 24/7 or can only be operational for nine to 10 hours a day, they can require additional resource to ensure the site is safe and that business-critical data is secure outside of hours. Our custom rules and templates make it very simple and easy to incorporate with in-house systems to enhance site security when resources aren’t available.

Examples of our security solutions

Watch our video to find out more about the solutions we provide to the security sector.

  • Perimeter protection
  • Face detection
  • Intruder detection
  • Monitor traffic events
  • Fast search across a network of cameras to detect and track individuals of interest.

Why choose VCA Technology?

There are several reasons why businesses and organisations rely on our security solutions to help detect suspicious behaviour and keep their staff and sites safe.

Simple integration

Our security solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing camera and security systems, including existing CCTV networks and VMS.


Whichever security solution you choose, we provide an easy-to-use interface that gives you the most important information you need to improve your site’s security and safety.

Increase your efficiency

We are constantly innovating to bring new AI features to our products and solutions, allowing customers to gain better control of their security camera systems.

Want to know more?

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