Vehicle Tracking & Analytics for Car Parks

At VCA Technology, we provide innovative video analytics solutions for vehicle tracking, so you can monitor car parks efficiently and deliver a better customer experience.

Streamline Car Park Operations

Our comprehensive video analytics can be used in a number of scenarios to improve car parking monitoring and customer experience. From counting vehicles to detecting illegal parking, learn more about our video analytics solutions for car parks.


Monitor car park violations

Identifying and recording car park violations can be time consuming and often require security personnel to manage and document offences. Using VCA analytics can help save time as you can set rules to report on vehicle counts, vehicles types and to alert you of suspicious and criminal behaviour in the car park.

As well as giving information into vehicle movement and characteristics, you can also create forensic, post-event searches by vehicle colour, classification, time, etc. This enable you to find specific information, quickly and accurately if someone has reported an offence in the car park that you need to investigate and report.


Improve car park efficiency

Our vehicle tracking can help improve car park efficiency by providing a highly-effective alternative to the traditional method of vehicle counting for car parks. Video surveillance cameras incorporating VCA analytics can be installed at the main entrances and exits of the car parks, as well as on each level, to count the number of vehicles entering and exiting the site. An accurate number is obtained of the remaining spaces available on each level and this information can be displayed on the car park’s signage system.


Increase customer satisfaction

VCA can help deliver a better customer experience by providing vehicle monitoring solutions that have a positive impact on the public. With our vehicle counting software, we help avoid the risk of ‘Car Park Full’ signs being displayed when in fact there are still spaces available, preventing customers becoming frustrated by wasting time looking for available spaces.

Our powerful video tracking software is applied to enhance CCTV cameras, providing more reassurance to customers that their vehicles are safe and monitored throughout their stay.

Example of vehicle tracking in car parks, including multi-story, multi-deck car parks

  • Vehicle counting
  • Vehicle classification and characteristics
  • Available spaces
  • Time violations and time recording
  • Vehicles in wrong parking spaces

Watch our video to learn more about using AI-driven video analytics to monitor and manage traffic.

Why choose VCA Technology?

High-quality results

VCA’s video analytics have been developed in the UK by a team of innovative computer vision scientists. The analytics engine has been independently verified so you can rest assured that the system meets the highest performance standards for event detection and false alarm rejection.

Flexible options

VCA’s highly accurate video analytics software provides a range of flexible options to suit the needs of your business. Using our software, you can benefit from a range of security and surveillance applications that go beyond vehicle monitoring, such as people counting, intrusion detection, and camera tamper detection.

Simple integration

Our vehicle tracking software for car parks has been designed to seamlessly integrate with new camera installations or to existing systems, resulting in less disruption to your current infrastructure.

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