Elevating Retail Performance Through Innovative Visitor Analytics At Shinsung Tongsang Co, South Korea

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business landscape underwent rapid changes, prompting companies to seek innovative ways to adapt and thrive. Shinsung Tongsang Co., Ltd., a prominent fashion company in South Korea, recognised the need to leverage data and business intelligence to enhance its operations. With a diverse portfolio of brands and more than 600 stores, including island-type stores, road shops with a high appearance ratio of store workers, and small stores, they faced the unique challenge of effectively counting and analysing visitors across their varied store types.


Shinsung Tongsang Co., Ltd. faced several challenges:

  • Visitor insights: Obtaining behavioural and profile data for pre-purchase phase store visitors, particularly in stores with unconventional layouts.
  • Store efficiency: Improving store efficiency and optimising layouts to enhance the overall shopping experience.
  • Data integration: Integrating visitor data with internal sales data to make data-driven decisions.
Shinsung Tongsang Co Case Study


To address these challenges, Shinsung Tongsang Co., Ltd. implemented VCA Technology software, a cutting-edge solution that utilises AI and facial recognition technology to analyse the number of visitors, gender, and age.

  • AI-powered people counting: VCA’s AI People Counter accurately detected and tracked people, leveraging machine learning to perform well in various environments, including crowded spaces, areas with sunlight, and obscured lines of sight.
  • Facial recognition: The solution’s facial recognition algorithm was integrated into the camera, providing not only visitor counts but also detailed statistics on gender and age. It excluded staff members to ensure accurate counts.
  • Comprehensive Data: Software collected and analysed facial feature information, enabling the generation of precise visitor data, including demographics and behaviour analysis, split by age and gender.
  • Store Compatibility: The solution made it possible to implement people counting in stores that previously posed challenges, such as island-type stores without conventional entrances or smaller shops.

RetailTrend Integration

Shinsung Tongsang Co., Ltd. complemented their visitor analysis with RetailTrend, a versatile analytics service. This integration allowed for further enhancement of store efficiency and customer targeting.


The adoption of VCA’s People Counter and RetailTrend resulted in several significant benefits for Shinsung Tongsang Co. Ltd:

  • Enhanced store efficiency: Through AB tests, the company identified differences in visitor behaviour and sales between stores with similar layouts. This data facilitated improvements in store environments, zoning, movement, and sales methods.
  • Customer targeting: The company expanded its product lineup to match the gender distribution of customers visiting its stores. This strategic approach improved product relevance and customer satisfaction.
  • Increased sales and profitability: By aligning offline promotion efficiency with store-specific KPIs, Shinsung Tongsang Co. Ltd, experienced increased sales and profitability.
Shinsung Tongsang Co Case Study


Director Song Moon, who oversaw the implementation of these technologies, emphasised the impact, saying: “I was able to gain insights, touch-up, and customer targeting analysis by store through RetailTrend.”


Shinsung Tongsang, Ltd. successfully leveraged VCA’s People Counter and RetailTrend to navigate the rapidly changing business environment brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. By accurately counting visitors, understanding customer behaviour, and optimising their stores, the company not only weathered the challenges but also emerged as an example of successful digital transformation in the fashion industry. This case study illustrates the power of AI and data analytics in enhancing retail operations and adapting to evolving customer needs.

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