Why Partner with VCA

Comprehensive range of analytic solutions incorporating Deep Learning/AI.

Deep-Learning Filter (DLF) – Lightweight application, ideal for sterile scenes. No camera calibration required, minimises false alarms and very modest CPU loading.

Deep-Learning HD – High accuracy tracking, ideal for busy scenes with dense people traffic. Can cope with large crowds and accurately count humans in busy unconstrained dynamic scenes.

A fluid and exciting development programme.

The release of VCAcore is the beginning of a new phase in VCA’s development programme, which builds on our existing prominence and expertise as an OEM analytics provider. Our partners can be assured of reliable, up to date analytic solutions that are simple to integrate and install.

Commercial Advantages

With a range of analytic feature sets and potential application models, VCA are able to offer world class analytics that are very cost effective.

Minimal integration requirements mean low cost adoption and instant market penetration.

Technical Support

  • UK based development team
  • UK based sales team
  • UK based technical support