Whether its Retail, Security, Transport or any industry, our advanced AI analytics and rules engine can be leveraged to provide the right solution for your needs

Make it work, make it simple, make it cost-effective

Our analytics are versatile in their potential applications, from high-security perimeter protection to traffic counting and retail intelligence, we have the capability to provide you with a solution to fit your needs.

  • Forensic Search

    Forensic Search

    VCA is constantly extracting the metadata from every camera connected, from every frame, every second, building up an extensive database of metadata about objects in the camera scenes. Our forensic search tool enables the search of all of this metadata to find a person, vehicle or object of interest. For example, search for all people wearing red tops and black trousers, carrying an orange bag between 10am and 4pm on this day and within seconds, the image will be returned

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  • Retail and Banking

    Retail and Banking

    Analytics is about extracting the metadata from the video. As well as providing security and loss prevention, our analytics produces metadata and provides valuable insights into what is really happening in location. Key metrics like, customer numbers, travel through the site, behaviour, dwell, queue data and much more. No special cameras or sensors, a single server can provide security, loss prevention, business analytics and marketing insights. This can also be decentralised with our IPAi range of cameras, allowing analytics can be produced on the camera and reducing the server component costs.

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  • Security and Loss Prevention

    Security and Loss Prevention

    Our roots are in the Security sector. Our first products were designed to be installed in a range of IP CCTV cameras, perhaps the very first commercially available edge based analytics. Since them, we have extended our range of edge based analytics, including Ai analytics and introduced “server based” Ai analytics. Working alongside the world’s leading VMS, PSIM and Camera providers we have the widest range of analytics rules and events.

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  • Transportation


    With many areas of public roads and transportation covered by security cameras for monitoring and safety purposes, many of the companies that monitor the estates are looking for ways to optimize their resources. Video analytics can identify and track multiple objects in a scene, allowing real time monitoring and event notification. Combined with our reporting tools, traffic management companies can understand the trends controlling congestion and make informed decisions based on data.

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Security & Loss Prevention

Working alongside the world’s leading VMS, PSIM and Camera providers to provide cost efficient solutions.

Retail & Banking

Leveraging analytic metadata to provide insights into customer pattens and creating alerts for key metrics.


Our feature rich object classes enables VCA to be used in wide range of safe city and highway applications.

Forensic Search

Providing a means for post-event forensic searches using detailed analytic metadata on all objects being tracked.